Monday, February 25, 2013

When Vomit, Urine, and Scissors Fail

I wonder if CNN and MSNBC reported this story.

Apparently, the quick thinking hero in this story didn't attend the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.  Among the UCCS' list of ten steps showing students how to avoid becoming a victim of a sexual attack, were such helpfully effective suggestions as throwing up over the would-be rapist, pretend to be menstruating, or suggest "you have a disease or are menstruating".

Opponents of personal protection have already spoken out against the young man who saved his family.  I won't dignify their organization by mentioning its name here, but I'm curious as to what their alternative actions would have been?  Anti gun pacifists prefer any other defense to a firearm.  Had the son clubbed the assailants into submission, they might have been happier.

Interestingly enough, voluntary victim proponents prefer we just call and wait for the police.  Are these people too blinded by their ideology to see the irony here?  Schools, churches, and other "gun-free zones" expect the innocent people in them to obey the law and submit to the will of those who do not obey the law.  Their solution is to simply wait for the police to show up - with guns.  If only the cops could show up and urinate or barf on the criminals.  Then we'd all win.