Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It's Getting Crowded in the Tank

We've all heard the colloquialism "in the tank for..."  If you pay attention to politics, you often hear it referred to President Obama.  The mainstream media is in the tank for Obama.  University academia is in the tank for Obama. Public education is in the tank for Obama.  Hollywood is in the tank for Obama.  Labor unions are in the tank for Obama.  The Senate is in the tank for Obama.  It doesn't surprise me.  As a subscriber to Rand's Law of Identity, it doesn't even bother me anymore.  I tell myself it doesn't bother me because it doesn't affect me personally.  That's not entirely true though, is it? When I consider what Obama's latest tax increase cost my paycheck, how the "free" Obamacare will increase the cost of my health insurance, and how the next looming tax increase Obama and Pelosi are now pushing will further impact my bottom line, it's naive of me to think I'm not affected.

Truth be told, these effects are only financial.  My principals are solid.  My resolve is solid.  No amount of Obama taxes can shake them because there is so much more to my life than finances.  So while I acknowledge the financial damage our President's policies cost me personally and the damage his social policies cost our country, I privately and patiently take steps to preserve my way of life.  Despite the Marxist point of view that ignores the fact that I actually earned what I have, I continue to grow.

We've all heard that a small fishbowl keeps the fish inside it small.  While there are varying scientific views on both sides of this statement, the consensus is that an overcrowded and undersized fishbowl does in fact keep fish small for a variety of reasons.  One point of view is that fish need space to realize their full growth potential.  Another is that the environmental affects of excessive fish feces and other bacterial elements poison the fish to the point that they remain small, frail, unable, and eventually unwilling to fend for themselves.  Their dieing and decomposing carcases float aimlessly among the filth as they are mercilessly pecked to pieces for sustenance by the others who inhabit their world.

Looking at America today, what parallel can we draw to our fishbowl analogy?  Consider who the tank dwellers listed in the opening paragraph are and it's not very difficult to see clearly what they can't, or won't.  It's clear to those of us living outside the shit-infested bacteria-laden world of unaccountable liberalism that the Americans living inside it are being kept small in more ways than just physical dimension.  Their world view is small.  Their dreams are small. Their sense of hope and prosperity are small.  It seems that the only thing growing in their world is their sense of entitlement and lack of willingness to put forth the effort necessary to actually accomplish something worth calling their own.

It's not too late.
Although this entry might not lead a reader to think so, I am actually optimistic about America's future.  I believe there are still enough principled and independent thinking Americans who are willing to work to help our country realize Her potential.  It won't happen overnight.  It certainly won't happen in the next three years.  But, I believe it will happen and when it does, those left staring upward, anxiously waiting for life sustaining flakes to simply fall from the sky to support them will probably be none the wiser to the fact that those who have left their polluted and unmotivated world have grown and left them behind.