Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Holding Florida Hostage

I wrote about the Trayvon Martin death case back in April of last year.  It's taken sixteen months for the case to come to trial and if you were looking for a circus, this case has probably disappointed you.  I wrote back then that I had no opinion on Zimmerman's guilt or innocence.  Well, I have an opinion now and what it is - is irrelevant.  The bottom line, irrespective of my opinion, is I believe Zimmerman will be found not guilty.

This verdict can by no means be attributed to a brilliant defense team.  Indeed, the prosecution has done more to project Zimmerman's innocence than his defense team ever could have themselves and I don't believe the prosecution is inept.  I believe they never had a case and they knew it.  I also believe the judge knew this, which would explain why she denied the defense's request to take the jury to the killing site.  If I were the judge in this case and I was confident the prosecution had no case - and - I shared the fears the judge does, I would deny the defense any opportunity to prove their case.  In other words, If I knew the prosecution had a long rope, I'd let them noose it up and hang themselves.

Where the hell am I going with this?  Stay with me.

It's clear to anyone with a pulse that this case was tried in the media long before any facts were bought forth.  Zimmerman was "guilty" and Martin's killing was labeled  a hate crime.  Zimmerman was even described as a light-skinned Latino by many in the lame stream media in an effort to inject race into a case that was already racially supercharged.  The media only showed photos of a preteen Martin and never presented the images from his Facebook page exposing his gangster gold grill and flashing gang style gestures.  Of course, those images were taken down as soon as the case became publicized.  Nevertheless, images and gestures do not make the man a criminal.

Martin, on the other hand, was portrayed as an armed and bigoted vigilante out looking for trouble.  After all, he was armed!  The fact that he was licensed to carry and had no prior history of violence was apparently irrelevant.  Still, Zimmerman didn't do himself any favors when he ignored the 911 operator's orders to discontinue tailing Martin.  The bottom line is that charges would have never been pressed and this case would have never come to trial were it not for the media's influence.  But I digress.

Where I was going with this was that the judge, the defense, and even the prosecution themselves knew full well that there was no provable case against Zimmerman.  The best that they could hope for was to give the prosecution and deny the defense every possible legal edge in hopes that the media and public will perceive the trial as fair in light of the jury's charge to determine a verdict "beyond the shadow of a doubt".

Nice try.  Regardless of the verdict, Zimmerman can't win here.  Sadly enough, the loser is not Martin's family.  The real losers are the people who live in the Sanford, Florida area and others where racial violence will undoubtedly ensue.  Imagine the cost of law enforcement overtime, medical bills, and insurance claims that the forthcoming riots will cause the people of Florida to incur.  Call me a racist, but I doubt this violence will be perpetrated by "creepy-ass crackers."  If that term doesn't ring a bell, you haven't been paying attention.