Monday, April 2, 2012

Sanford, Florida - What I Believe

I've received a buttload of emails asking why I haven't commented on the situation in Florida.  Yes, I have an opinion on this.  I'm just doing what few of the authorities in Florida, the race baiters, and the mainstream media seem to be able or willing to do.  I'm waiting for the facts.

I am not convinced Zimmerman is innocent and I am not convinced Martin is guilty.  I believe Spike Lee is guilty of destroying the lives of two innocent senior citizens when he tweeted their home address to his legion of Twitter followers believing that it was Zimmerman's address.  I believe the Black Panther Party is guilty of the same vigilantism that they accuse Zimmerman of perpetuating.  I believe NBC News is guilty of intentionally altering the audio of the 911 phone call in a despicable attempt to raise racial tensions in the case, as if they haven't already been raised enough.
Why  isn't the American legal process being followed here?  Seat a Grand Jury, assess the facts, and either try Zimmerman or make public the facts that exonerated him.  I believe there are reasons and I believe that once  those reasons are made public, they will unleash an even greater level of virulence on the part of people who have already arrived at a verdict.