Monday, April 22, 2013

The Bomber

It looks like David Sirota over at sorta got his wish.  The Boston bombers where white guys, sorta.  I can only imagine the disappointment felt by the mainstream media and the liberal left when the perpetrators turned out not to be white conservative separatists, Republicans, Tea Party members, Amway distributors, or just plain old Christians.  What a shock it was that they turned out to be Muslims.

The government and its compliant media would have us believe there where two people involved and most of us are naive enough to believe that.  I am not and I do not.  I believe we will learn that these two were part of a larger cell of operatives and I fear we will learn this the hard way.  I believe we also will learn that the original Saudi suspect who was held in custody at the hospital, who was in the States on a student visa supposedly attending school in Findlay Ohio (yet had an apartment in Boston), who was labeled a State Department 212(a)3(b) threat risk by our government, and who just happened to be standing at the marathon finish line when the bombs went off (late) was indeed part of this attack.  But I digress.

I have been impressed and thankful for the amazing investigative and police work carried out in Boston.  It's a testament to what we can accomplish when we really want to.  My only complaint is that the younger brother was not killed. Imagine the untold millions of dollars we're going to spend on a legal staff to defend this dirt bag.  He will get protection in prison, his lawyers will get rich(er) and you and I will pay for it.  I for one would rather the money spent on trying to get this asshole off be spent on assisting the victims and their families.  I  know; I'm a pro death penalty heartless NeoCon.  The graphic images below illustrate a bit of what just what these terrorists actually did.  If you look at the images and still can't see that this kid deserves to die, then what does that make youRotting in prison for the rest of his life at the expense of taxpayer dollars while court-appointed lawyers try to free him (also at our expense) is not justice.  Justice to a Muslim is death by firing squad conducted General Pershing style.

I find it interesting that the captured kid has yet to be read his Miranda rights.  Yes, that statement is in direct contrast to my wish that he had simply been killed rather than captured, but since we have him and he is a Unites States citizen, he has rights.  He has the right to be found guilty and put away for life.  Unfortunately, Massachusetts rescinded their death penalty in 1982.  It's been reported that the delay in charging and Mirandizing him are because the Obama administration will seek to try him as an enemy combatant. This punk is an American citizen who perpetrated a crime against American people on American soil.  Conversely, Attorney General Eric Holder took real enemy foreign nationals who were captured on foreign soil killing American soldiers and chose Mirandize and try them in New York City.  Something's up here.  I just can't wrap my head around it yet.  I'm sure the Obama administration and its mainstream media lackeys will get around to exposing it right after they tell the truth about Benghazi.