Saturday, November 3, 2012

Surprise! October Has Passed!!

What gives?  We're into November in a general election year and there's no sleazy Democrat desperation campaign stunt to reveal some astounding news to embarrass the Republican candidate.  Still, as desperate as the Obama campaign is at this point, it has become clear to me why there wasn't an October Surprise.  The concept of the October surprise is to guard some little known salacious information about the opposing candidate and then spring it on the public late in the election cycle.  With George W Bush, it was his DUI arrest during the 2000 election.  It didn't work.

The President's surrogates like Debbie Wasserman Shultz and Stephani Cutter are about as sleazy as anyone in the history of politics.  Both have been caught in lies red handed with video and audio proof and of course, the mainstream media ignores it.  If there was supposed to be an October surprise, it's logical that it might have come from them.  Wasserman Shultz's reputation is so jaded that I see little chance of anyone taking anything she says seriously.  Stephanie Cutter has demonstrated that she is arrogant enough to make a go of it anyway.  Cutter served on Ted Kennedy's Senatorial campaign against Romney in 1994 and it's a given that if there were any dirt on Romney, it would have been brought to light then.  Romney has had an eye on the Presidency for years and if his Mormon upbringing wasn't enough to keep him somnolently boring and squeaky clean, his political aspirations were.  If there were any dirt on Romney other than him crating his dog, Cutter would have exposed it back in 1994.

So we're into November with less than a week to go and the October surprise window of opportunity has passed.  Maybe the surprise was that the sleaze level had dropped to its lowest possible level prior to October.