Thursday, November 1, 2012

Down to the Wire

Well, the brunt of the campaigns are over and the debates are behind us. All that's left is for Americans to perform their Constitutional duty and cast their vote. I voted early last week because I will be out of the country on election day. I usually enjoy the event of voting on the second Tuesday of November. I enjoy the crowds, the banter, and hearing everyone's opinions. The county I live in leans heavily to the right, so the conversations are predictable to say the least. When I cast my vote last week, there was no line and no other people. In fact, the room was empty except for two little old ladies who were serving as election monitors.  Apparently the UN didn't see a need to send observers to Rockwall County. I was in and out in a snap, which seemed odd in an unremarkable way.  What seems more odd is the idea of being out of the country when the election takes place.    One of the most significant events in our Country's history - potentially setting the stage for the complete exchange of our government - could be set to take place and I'll be abroad.  My being home won't make any difference.  It just seems odd to me.

To say the least, my political comments on this blog have been less than unbiased.  I used to say that there were things about President Obama that I liked.  After seeing the way he and his surrogates have conducted his campaign, I can no longer say that.  The President himself said that if you don't have a platform of accomplishments to run on, you sling fear and lies about your opponent.  It's reminiscent of the way Thomas Edison behaved in the late 1880s with Nicoli Tesla in the Battle of Currents.  A popular figure with the American people, Edison used to media to spread misleading "facts" about Tesla and his theory and in the end, Edison himself lost his company over it.  His electric chair stunt backfired on him and he wound up figuratively zapping his own ass instead of displacing Tesla.  The Obama campaign has lived up to his statement with its own lies about Romney in everything from taxes, claiming Romney was responsible for a woman's cancer death, and many others I need not detail. 

After seeing the way the President and his administration have handled the terrorist attack on our Libyan embassy and the murders of our staff there, I can only think of bad things to say about the man and his ambitions.  People seem to forget the fact when Obama called on the Navy Seals, they killed Osama and when the Seals called on Obama, he let them die and attended a Las Vegas political fund raiser the next day. This week, Obama is all over the White House Situation Room feeding the mainstream media images of him acting presidential during the Hurricane Sandy aftermath.  Too bad he didn't spend adequate time there on September 11th. It's sad, really.  As I said in a previous article, I really wish I had someone to vote for rather than against.  But I digress.

One thing that makes me smile through all of this is the knowledge that the American system will play out, just as it was designed to by our framers in the 18th century.  I have confidence in the concept of our electoral system.  I defended it in the military, I appreciate it, and I participate in it.  I feel fortunate to have won the genetic lottery that placed my birth in this country as opposed to the one that Obama was born in.  (I'm kidding!  It was too easy.)

While I have confidence in the concept of our system, I know there are those who not only lack that confidence, but loathe it.  There are some for whom their own political gain - or the political gain of those from whom they seek favors - means far more than preserving the legitimacy of our system of government.  While I have been very vocal about my feelings regarding the candidates, I have yet to predict a winner.  I truly believe the majority of Americans know in their hearts exactly who and what Obama is and that they will cast their ballots accordingly.  I believe Romney has done a fair job of showing America that while he may not be the best answer for America's troubles, he is the best choice we have now and he most certainly isn't the greedy, evil man Obama's campaign has made him out to be.  I have confidence in these things.

The thing I fear most is organized voter fraud.  There are many who feel that getting it their way supersedes such patriotic silliness as abiding by the Constitution.  They justify their actions by claiming that they are for the collective good.  They are influential and they have the mainstream media on their side.  Their actions in Wisconsin during the Governor's recall election are evidence of their connections and their capabilities.  Fortunately, the informed people of Wisconsin turned out in numbers so significant, that the fraud - blatant as it was - was ineffective.  I won't predict a winner here, but I will predict that voter fraud will be a major issue in the days and weeks following the election and I hope the informed people of America turn out like they did in Wisconsin.  I'm not simply pre posting sour grapes here.  I just know what I know and I suspect much of America will also know soon.

Nevertheless, I can do nothing about it.  My hopes are high.  My fingers are crossed.  Most importantly, my ballot is cast (just once).  All I can do now is wait and see.