Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Great (?) Debate

The first of three Presidential debates is tonight and I for one am excited.  Will it be great?  Who knows?  Although the planned topic is domestic policy, I seriously doubt either candidate will stick to the format.  Nevertheless, President Obama off the teleprompter is always interesting.  As such, the Obama campaign is already floating a strategy of lowering expectations for his debate performance.  I can't imagine it being any lower than his Presidential performance.  After all, he can't brag about the economy, gasoline prices, or foreign policy, and there will be no one in the crowd to apologize to.  So I predict Obama will stick to the class warfare line as it resonates well with a voter populace who lacks a worldly perspective to see through it.  That combined with the tactic of running from the record he can't possibly run on will prove to be a politically safe strategy.

Obama Campaign press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters "He has had less time to prepare than we anticipated." It's difficult to schedule significant blocks of time when you're the president, regardless of your party."  Remarks like this are why I would be kicked out of the Press Corps.  I can't imagine not cracking up after hearing this statement when I consider the rock star party schedule the President has kept the last few weeks.  If he is ill-prepared, it certainly won't be because he was busy meeting with world leaders at the recent UN conference, dealing with the terrorist attack on our Libyan embassy, attending his daily National Security briefings, or working with Congress to get Americans back to work.  But I digress.

I really don't expect Romney to do any better than Obama.  Like Obama, I believe Romney is intelligent, accomplished, and honest. I can already hear the comments: "Obama honest?"  Yes.  He laid out his plans to fundamentally transform America early in his 2008 campaign and I believe he has openly pursued that goal.  The people who work for him are filthy liars, but I believe that President Obama has essentially been honest with the American people.  Back to Romney's performance.  While I find Romney intelligent, accomplished, and honest, I also find him boring.  He generates about as much excitement  as that sock dipped in flesh we call Nancy Pelosi would in lingerie.  America as a country suffers from ADD and expects excitement from its candidates.  You just don't get that from a guy whose Prophet claims to have read the divine Word out of a hat.

So while Romney might deliver the best answers - or at least the most pragmatic and honest ones, I don't expect the mainstream media to remotely acknowledge it.  PBS' Jim Lehrer is a pretty good moderator, but I would love to see both candidates try to stand up to Chris Wallace.  I doubt either would sign up for that one.

Tune in.  Listen.  Be informed.