Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Day After

I bet the entire Obama campaign slept like a baby last night.  That is, they woke up every hour, realized they were full of shit, and cried.  I'm sure Romney slept well, at least after he left the hospital after having the hemorrhoids removed from his toes that he contracted from kicking Obama's ass so hard.  Dennis Miller said it best: "Obama better hope that a "kicked ass" is covered under Obamacare"

I woke up this morning thinking Obama should heartily thank his prep team.  Not his debate prep team, of course.  He should thank Jen Psaki and her peers for prepping the media for his dismal performance in the first debate.  Tactically speaking, lowering America's expectations was probably a smart move on their part as that was about the only aspect of the debate that worked out in their favor.  It was widely reported that John Kerry was Obama's practice debate opponent.  If that's true, I suspect Mr. Kerry will have significant free time in the upcoming weeks.

I particularly enjoyed this debate, not just because of Romney's performance, but because it was a genuinely engaging debate.  Most debates are simply a series of carefully prepared remarks with no conversational flow.  This one was not.  Jim Lehrer is being chastised for not maintaining control of the candidates.  Lehrer behaved like an NFL referee (the real ones) whose job is to be as invisible as possible and not impact the game.  I believe Lehrer masterfully saw what was unfolding before his (and America's) eyes and handled it accordingly.  Still, the mainstream media is excoriating Lehrer, saying his actions (or lack of therein) intentionally favored Romney.  Do anyone really think PBS was in Romney's corner?  News flash:  PBS has never even been in Romney's zip code.  

So now the race is on to assess blame - on anyone but Obama himself.  Al Gore offered a great excuse: altitude.  Said Gore, “Obama arrived in Denver at 2 p.m. today, just a few hours before the debate started. Romney did his debate prep in Denver. When you go to 5,000 feet and you only have a few hours to adjust — I don’t know.”  Really?  We are talking Denver here; not Mount Everest.  Gore's theory is even less credible than those with which he attempts to substantiate his global warming hoax.  If Gore's assertion was right, the Broncos, Nuggets, and Rockies would all be undefeated at home.  Interestingly enough, nobody has blamed George Bush for Obama's performance.  Not yet, anyway.

The voices of the mainstream media (echoing from deep within Obama's tank) are trying to pin Obama's poor performance on Lehrer, on Obama taking Romney too lightly, and on Obama's having been too busy running the country to prepare. The reality is that Obama didn't lose on any of those.  Obama lost to facts.  President Obama has never had to face the facts and be accountable for his policies and actions (or lack of therein).  He's been surrounded by sycophants for five years and no one has dared challenge him, lest they suffer the wrath of Valerie Jarrett.  As such, he had no defense of his dismal first term and offered no new ideas for a second.  We all know the popular definition of insanity.  Not to heed it here would be...well, insane!

The behavior of both candidates was telling.  Romney behaved Presidential.  He was cheerful, confident, and genuine.  When Obama spoke, Romney looked him in the eye.  When Romney spoke, Obama looked down, shook his head, and sighed in Gore-like disdain.  I get that because I could never look my mother in the eye when I was full of shit either.

Both men share a pretty close educational pedigree and their debate performance made it easy to see who actually got an education versus who just got a few degrees.  Romney's background and debate performance was reminiscent of a man who has embraced the teachings of people like Adam Smith.  Obama's past (and present) and debate performance resemble that of a man who has embraced the teachings of people like Frantz Fanon.  After watching both candidates last night, ask yourself which of them you would want to represent America's interests in a face-off against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The Democrats and the mainstream media have spent months painting Romney as an elitist.  Romney's performance went a long way to combat that.  He spoke to the American people without condescension and he masterfully explained the faults in the Dodd-Frank Bill in terms even I could understand.  Romney's performance exemplified the way Calvin Coolidge served as an early twentieth century mouthpiece to explain to America how capitalism works.  Very effective.

I have to give Obama credit for not bringing up Romney's comments on the 47% who pay no taxes.  Tactically speaking, that was a smart move because the Romney campaign has owned that statement from the beginning and Americans who actually think for themselves know what Romney meant.  I believe Obama was well aware that Romney was prepared to address any salvos thrown his way and the only way Obama could win on that topic was not to raise it.

Looking forward, I expect the mainstream media to get REALLY ugly with attacks, not facts.  This may prove effective as significant portion of the American public responds more to (or at least comprehends) salacious accusations than they do genuine facts.  Since the Democrats can't campaign on any of the issues that truly matter without taking a black eye, I expect a serious increase in racial attacks, Mormon attacks, class warfare attacks, and even attacks on capitalism itself.

The Democrat spin doctors were undoubtedly up all night formulating responses that will most certainly fail to present Obama's debate performance in anything remotely resembling a victorious light.  They have to try because even the replacement NFL refs couldn't give this win to Obama.  Dollars to doughnuts they're doing their best to generate spin to a degree that the Theory of Spectral Rigidity will come into play and reverse time itself.  If they do, perhaps they can back up time far enough to give the Texas Rangers another shot at the division.  But I digress.

The good news for the Obama campaign is that America is now somewhat distracted from the Libyan terrorist attack and the rapidly uncovering cover-up.  President Obama can't run from that one for long though.  The Foreign Policy debate is October 22nd.