Thursday, August 2, 2012

Interesting Responses

Who knew anyone really read this thing?  My Agnostic Front entry generated quite a bit of email commentary from Christians, many of whom simply stated that they would pray for me.  I found that heartwarming and I replied so with thanks to each respondent who included an email address.  I also received quite a few admonishments with guarantees that I will indeed burn in hell.  Some stated how happy they were just to know it.  Compassionate, non-judgmental Christianity at its best.

Last night, I received a similar admonishment from a devout Christian expressing gall over not just my willingness to patronize Chic Fil-A, but for expressing it on this blog.  This person's comments exemplified the epitome of intolerant, self-indulgent hypocrisy that permeates society today.  This person actually thinks my actions were insulting to gay people.  This person doesn't really know me at all.  My actions were not intended to insult anyone except those who stand in the way of freedom of speech.  Anyone who has taken the time to OBJECTIVELY read the things I've written over the years knows this.

I won't bore you with the details of what was said to me because frankly, it was poorly worded and conceived out of emotion rather than rationale; totally unbecoming of an educated Christian.  When I awoke this morning and checked email, I found the message below in my inbox.  I find it ironic how those most who are most often the victim of oppression can be the most objective and cool-headed on topics near and dear to their heart.

Hey Shrug,
You met my partner and I in Key West back in March when he figured out the meaning of "Hester" on your Harley and commented on it to you.  I started reading your blog back then and while I don't agree with everything you write, I do agree with your right to express it, which brings me to the Chic Fil-A piece.  Most people would be surprised to learn that the gay community (or at least those of us in mine) care very little about the views of narrow minded people like Dan Cathy.  Most people aren't aware that the gay community isn't concerned about the non-gay community's opinion of us.  We seek equal opportunity and freedom from bias against what outsiders refer to as our "preference".  My homosexual orientation is no more a preference to me than your heterosexuality is to you.  With that said, I wanted you to know that were there a Chic Fil-A in Key West, I would have been there myself.  I see you spent 30 minutes in line.  127 miles is a bit long to prove a point most will never realize.  I wouldn't go there in support of Cathy or his point of view.  I believe some of the actions of people like him do far more harm than good.  But as you say, "I digress..."  I would have gone there because while I disagree with what Cathy said, I agree with his right to say it.  In come countries, Dan Cathy would be killed because of his statement.  In some countries I would be killed because of who I love.  I am proud to live in a country where I can openly express my opinion and openly live my sexual orientation and I look forward to the day when I am no longer the recipient of vitriol for doing so.

Ride safe, Shrug; and keep writing,


For those keeping score:

         Rational objectivity - 1
Oppressive Reactionism - 0