Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Eat More Chicken

Who cares who marries who?  Who cares about who cares who marries who?  Don't like gay marriage, don't marry a gay person.  Don't like someone's opinion, ignore them.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Immanuel feels Chic Fil-A does not represent Chicago values.  As of July 25th, Chicago has had 37 homicides.  37 murders and Chic Fil-A is Rahm's target?  Mexico City has a better violent crime record than Chicago does.

Personally, I don't eat Chic Fil-A because the food is crap and it's horrible for me.  Still, I sat in the drive through line for twenty minutes for a glass of tea when the line at McDonald's next door was empty.  I wasn't there in support of the message Dan Cathy made that started all this.  I was there in support of his right to say it.  I disagree with the Westboro Baptist Church's protest statements at Soldier funerals, but I respect thei freedom of speech that gives them the right to make them.  Speaking of protests, there were a few protesters at Chic Fil-A, but mostly people were there to show support.  I wonder why these protesters don't protest at churches.  They frequently espouse the same opinions about same sex marriage.  At least Chic Fil-A pays taxes.