Thursday, March 29, 2012

Identification Required!

I find it interesting that liberals throw a fit over the mere idea that a citizen be required to produce photo identification in order to vote.  Race baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson always have a field day whenever the topic arises in various states, claiming it disenfranchises minorities.  Indeed, Eric Holder and company have done their utmost sticking their noses in the individual states' business to back up Sharpton and Jackson.

Never mind the fact that those same "disenfranchised" citizens (irrespective of race) must produce ID to do the following:
Get a driver's license
Purchase alcohol
  Purchase cigarettes

Purchase antihistamines
Purchase spray paint
Purchase a firearm
Purchase glue
Apply for welfare
Apply for food stamps
Enter a bar/nightclub
Cash a check
Make any large credit card purchase
Open a bank account 

Rent an apartment
Fill a prescription
Be admitted to a hospital
Get a marriage license

Most recently, taking the SAT or ACT college entrance exams has been added to the list, with the justification of preventing fraud in test taking.  No one seems to be raising a stink over that or over the items listed above.  Is this because the race baiters don't believe that voting is as important as test taking or do they not believe their special interests will be affected by the new rule?  It seems to me that the former would be un-American and the latter would be racist.