Saturday, January 18, 2020

A Texan in Tibet - Shrug's Travel Map & Two-Way Trip Messaging

If you want to track my position and progress on this trip, click the "Where is Shrug Now" link below (but not just yet).  My trusty Garmin inReach SE satellite communicator should update a map with my GPS position every few minutes and viewers can select options on the interactive map to season the view to their individual tastes.  Click an orange dot to see a pop-up window with details of my movement at that point in time.  The map will resemble the example below from my 2016 return from Australia.  You can click the link now, but other than a possible test or two, there will be no data to display until I take off from DFW Airport on May 2nd.

As with my Australian Outback trip, the Garmin will allow me to send and receive SMS messages throughout this journey.  I will create a distribution list to which I can send group updates from the trail and when necessary, in lieu of blog updates.  If you want to be on the list, send an email to and include the phone number or email address to which you want my updates sent.  Other than a confirmation message and maybe a test note just before I depart, you probably won't hear from me until I leave in May. Recipients' email addresses and phone numbers will not be shared within the group, nor distributed to anyone and the list will be deleted after the trip.  My inbound messaging address will be updated on this blog once I reactivate my Garmin device in late April.  Also remember that my ability to respond may be delayed and that I will be 13 hours ahead of Central time while in Tibet.

I will be shooting pictures and videos as well as taking copious notes each day, but I don't anticipate having many opportunities to update the blog once I depart Kathmandu.  When it comes to Internet access, that region of the world makes where I live seem like Downtown Dallas by comparison.  Once I cross the border, I am likely to really go dark because the Chinese block most internet access; especially in Tibet.  I'm hoping satellite messaging won't be blocked.