Friday, August 7, 2015

Planned Parenthood: Tissue For Sale

Anyone who knows me is aware that I make no qualms about my religious views, or my lack of therein.  I enjoy the luxury of rational thought and as such, my opinion on abortion has no religious foundation.

That said, while I am pro choice and pro capitalism, I find the recent Planned Parenthood videos repulsive.  The motivation for profit has clearly superseded medical ethics.   I doubt many of the mothers would elect abortion if they were presented with the fact that their baby's parts, and in some cases, the entire aborted body would be sold for profit.  If those sales are ethical, why not cut the mother in on the deal?  I agree that Congress should defund Planned Parenthood, bit because I oppose abortion, but because I don't want my hear earned dollars paying for it.  The argument that Planned Parenthood provides the only women's health services is utter bullshit.

I find it interesting that Planned Parenthood claims to use science in its argument for when life begins and that they can rationalize that a recognizable cell structure, visually identifiable human body parts, and even a heartbeat - are not life.  However, many of these same scientists have no issue claiming that the mere presence of bacteria on other planets represents life.  You can't have it both ways...unless you're President Obama:

The reports President Barack Obama told a group of young African leaders on Monday that harvesting organs from humans that are killed was ‘craziness’ and a ‘cruel’ tradition. He warned of dehumanizing marginal groups of humans and of the problems that arise when ‘you are not able to see someone else as a human being'.

You gotta love hypocrisy.   Even if you don't love it, we've had six years to get used to it.