Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Shrug In The City Part IV - Johnny Rivers On My Mind

My "Office"
Well, shit.  Apparently, the office space I was assigned here upset the pecking order and I have thus been evicted.  This scenario reminds me of when I worked for DSC Communications back in the 90s.  I transferred back into a department in which I had previously worked in a different capacity, but I came back in with a new role which entitled me to an upscale high wall cubicle.  No more of those lowly serf cubicles with low walls and no privacy for me.  My cubicle would have eight foot walls and a door!  A glass door, but a door nonetheless.  Yep.  Me and George Jefferson...movin' on up.

Problem was, there were no high wall cubicles available on my floor and they wanted me to be close to my new co-workers.  So in an act of desperation and willful defiance of corporate protocol, I was assigned a walled the corner...with windows, even! I was stoked, my co-workers were jealous, and managers who held loftier titles than I were pissed.  Knowing this sweet arrangement would be fleeting unless I quickly took roots, I took it upon myself to have facilities connect my phone lines and network drops in hopes that it would be too costly or too much paperwork for them to move me.  I didn't brag or gloat to anyone about my new digs.  I quietly moved in on Monday and was settled, comfortable, and productive by Friday.  The following Monday, I arrived to find that over the weekend, DSC had removed the door and installed an eight foot high wall cubicle inside the walled corner office, essentially maintaining the pecking order and ensuring that I had no view through the windows.

That was my job.  This is just an eight week project and if IBM keeps their word, it's the last travel project I'll have to endure in my new role.  I can work anywhere temporarily.  Hell, I've worked for the government, so I know just how bad it can get.  Nevertheless, I got Johnny Rivers on my mind.  "Welcome back baby, to the poor side of town."