Saturday, June 1, 2013

Executive Action

  • Benghazi Terror Attack
  • IRS targeting Americans considered to be politcal foes
  • State Department trageting the Associated Press
  • State Department targeting specific reporters
  • Fast & Furious program kills an American border agent
  • EPA plays favorites with environmental groups

These are all verified and documented executive level scandals that lead directly to the White House.  The mainstream media is FINALLY taking notice.  Perhaps they've grown tired of being trumped by Fox News.  But I digress.

Remember George Bush, the guy Obama claims is responsible for EVERYTHING that ails America today?  Bush was regarded by liberals as an ignorant and clueless President.  I find it interesting that despite his reported incompetence, naivety, and ineptitude, it was generally accepted that Bush was in on every scandal that liberals and the media threw at him.  Contrast this to President Obama who is considered to be the Savior genius by the media and by the left and yet he knows nothing about anything happening in his administration.  The bottom line is irrefutable.  Obama is either in on all of this or he is woefully ignorant of the operations under his charge.

Even the media has turned on Obama, many of which have refused to attend Attorney General Eric Holder's private "off the record" meeting.  I remember the last time a sitting President was in major hot water with all his "friends" turning on him.  On August 20, 1998, the very day Bill Clinton was to be impeached by the House of Representatives, American forces launched cruise missiles against an aspirin factory in Khartoum.  The factory owner sued the U.S. for $50 million, a legal action the Clinton Administration elected not to fight.  Makes me wonder what Executive action Obama will take in an attempt to divert attention from all that ails him now.  Something is bound to happen because blaming Bush won't work now.