Monday, May 13, 2013

Fear No Tyranny!

On May 5th, our President took the opportunity to tell the Class of 2013 graduates that their government is definitely not “some separate, sinister entity” like people have said, which is why anyone caught questioning this irrefutable fact should be outright rejected.

Listen to him say it in his own words.  Ayn Rand would certainly disagree with Obama's first sentence.  I would certainly agree with Ayn Rand.

The fact that the President actually spoke these words to college graduates shouldn't shock anyone.  Who better to try to carry on the infecting of a roomful of minds that have been socially indoctrinated for the last four years?  But I digress...

Only five days later, the IRS found itself apologizing for targeting citizen groups politically opposed to the Obama agenda.  Lois Lerner, the director of an IRS division that oversees tax-exempt groups, acknowledged that the agency had singled out nonprofit applicants with the terms “Tea Party” or “patriots” in their titles.  How did the Obama Administration respond?  How do they ALWAYS respond?


Obama mouthpiece Jay Carney stated two critical errors in his finger pointing response to the scandal.  First, Carney said the events in question happened while the IRS was under the directorship of a Bush administration appointee.  These IRS actions were carried out from 2010 through 2012; two years after Obama was elected.   Second, Carney went on to state that the IRS is an agency run independently of White House oversight.   Really?  The IRS is the enforcement arm of the Department of Treasury, which is part of the Executive Branch.

Since Obama used the term, "tyranny", I feel it should be defined here.

Pronunciation: primarystresstir-schwa-nemacron
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -nies
1 : a government in which all power is in the hands of a single ruler
2 : harsh, cruel, and severe government or conduct
3 : a tyrannical act  

Someone should explain that to Jay Carney, after they explain to him the basics of our checks and balances system of government comprised of the Judicial, Executive, and Legislative branches.

Even MSNBC has used the T word in describing this scandal.  I wonder is anyone in the mainstream media will remember that using the IRS to target political opponents was one of the counts used in Nixon’s Articles of Impeachment.  Oops!  No way.  Nixon was a Republican.