Friday, March 1, 2013

America is STILL Here!

Remember this show?  Most don't.  I barely do.  It was a poorly written and overly dramatic attempt at earth loving, eco-Nazi indoctrination loosely disguised as a prime time TV show.


Remember this dog food?  It was essentially an unscientific mixture of intestines, blood, pus, tumors, and animal (including dog and cat) carcasses ground up and presented into a neat package purported to be a healthy part of your dog's nutrition.

What do you get when you put these failed ideas together?


A self aggrandizing and preachy doomsday prepper reaction, forced upon us as a result of a failed fiscal policy of entitlement and class warfare.

Given the alarmist position the Obama administration played out over the last few weeks regarding the mandated budget changes, the end of America as we know it seemed more likely than it did with the Mayan calendar, asteroids, and the year 2000 combined.  It would all be amusing if it weren't so sad.

Less intellectually endowed Americans were led to believe that drastic cuts were to be imposed, starting today if Congress didn't essentially give the President additional tax hikes.  Felons would be released from prison, air traffic controllers and U.S. border agents would be furlowed, teacher positions would be sliced, cops would be pulled of the street, dogs and cats would live in harmony.  Oh, the humanity!  What's more, Obama took every opportunity to blame Congress for a program HE signed into law and defended vehemently.  Listen to his words at about two minutes into the video below. Try to contain yourself as he predicts the future and takes preemptive action to blame the undoubtedly upcoming economic problems on the sequester.

What Obama and his minions failed to admit was that there are actually no budget cuts.  There are simply fewer increases in their future budgets.  Let's say you earn $50,000 salary and with that, you manage to pay all your bills and can afford to put your child in a private school.  You are told your salary will increase to $75,000 based on a new promotion you earned.  Then, your boss comes to you and tells you that due to budgetary reasons, your new salary will only be $70,000.  Would you then decide you can no longer afford to keep your child in private school?  Of course not.  This is the game the Obama administration is playing with the American people.  Additionally sad is the mainstream media's complete complaisance with the lies being told.  Fortunately, many Americans are smarter than the President gave them credit for, even if they demonstrated otherwise by voting for him (again).  But I digress.

Let's consider the draconian job cuts we were told would be forced upon our critical government agencies.  We're told Air Traffic Controllers would be cut, causing air traffic to stack up and yielding a ripple effect across various industries.  The Department of Transportation has over 60,000 employees ranging from executives to janitorial staff.  If we equate the priority of Air Traffic Controllers' salaries to the priority of our child's private school costs, then we can equate the janitorial staff salaries to say, our cable bill.  If I have a choice where to spend a finite amount of funds, my child's education is my priority.  I can wait a few months for my HBO movies to show up on Netflix.  The only reason I would sacrifice my child's education is if I had some twisted hidden agenda.  I'm not knocking janitors here.  I'm simply stating that some positions are more essential to the daily operation of our country than others.

And just what is a furlow?  It isn't a firing.  In government employee terms, a furlow means an employee will take one unpaid Friday off per month.  Career employees with years on the dole actually have massive amounts - literally months - of paid sick time to which they could apply these furlow dates if they wanted to.  Of course, not every government employee has a stockpile of sick time.  For those who don't, why not divert some of the tax dollars spent on robotic squirrels, shrimp on treadmills, ketchup viscosity studies, and support given to foreign countries who publicly vow to destroy America and spend it on our mission essential personnel?  It's a moot question because like global warming, it's a bullshit problem.

Fear not, America!  As I type, our government is meeting to avert the looming disasters we've been threatened with for the last month.  Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, John Boehner, and if he can get off the links in time, perhaps even President Obama himself are set to hammer out a solution.   I guess the fact that these same "leaders" have had 18 months to deal with this issue is one that we're supposed to ignore.

I am but one of many who say let sequestration happen.  When Americans wake up the day after and realize the world is still here, maybe even those who were naive enough to buy into the Obama administration's fear mongering and threats will realize they've been had, much like Chantecler's barnyard counterparts.  Cock-a-doodle-do, America.  It's time to wake up.