Friday, September 7, 2012

A Quick Response

I rarely comment publicly on responses I receive from my posts here.  But occasionally, when a reader takes the time to articulate an opinion from an educated and informed perspective, I feel a response is warranted.  This email is pasted exactly as it appeared (minus the email address).

Dear Shrug, Scott, KTM, or whoever you are,
I always enjoy reading your blog, although I rarely agree with your opinions.  One thing is clear, you appear to actually research both sides of the issues you write about.  Your syntax and prose leads me to believe you are well informed an educated.  Your smug attitude leads me to believe you certainly think you are.  I must however take issue with your statement about the word "contraception" appearing in the constitution.

While you are technically correct,  any reasonably educated and constitutionally informed person would have read and understood the preamble and the phrase within it that reads "life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness".  Even the most narrow minded republican would recognize the fact that the sexual freedom and gratification a woman enjoys through the use of readily available contraception clearly falls into the liberty and persuit of happiness aspect of that statement.  As an educated "author", I thought you should open your mind a bit and consider this.  As an educator myself, I felt it my duty to inform you.

[name withheld]

Wow!  Where to begin?  First, a sincere thanks for actually taking the time to respond.  You should know however that your attempt to hide your identity with a throw-away email address was in vain.  Tracing the IP address and email route is something a twelve year old can do these days.  Connecting the dots, so to speak, to your other messages to me was a breeze.  That said, you need not worry as I have no animosity towards you or any others in the seminar emailing crowd.

Second, I have to wonder; did you really read the "preamble" before formulating your response?  I ask because as a "constitutionally informed author" (your words, not mine), I am fully aware that the phrase "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" appears in the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution.  Additionally, if you had cut and pasted the phrase, not only might you have avoided this whole embarrassment, you would have properly spelled "pursuit".  I misspell words often, but I don't claim to be an educator as you do.  That said, as you are an educator, I felt it my duty to inform you.

Third, prose?  I write in prose?