Sunday, February 12, 2012

Houston, We Have a Problem!

Wow.  A cracked-out, washed-up has been of a pop star dies in the bathtub of a lavish Hollywood hotel and the mainstream media reacts as if it is the only notable news of the week.  I would never bother to watch the Grammy Awards, but I can only imagine how the entertainment elite will jump on the "we miss you Whitney" bandwagon.  You can bet the producers, directors, and choreographers are scrambling to reorganize the entire production to honor the memory of their all-too-soon wasted fellow drug abuser.  I wonder if Las Vegas odds makers are taking action on the color of ribbon the celebutards will be wearing.

If news of a notable fatality this week is something you seek, why not look here instead.  I don't need Vegas odds makers to tell me that you won't be seeing this story covered in the media.  They'll be too busy covering the reaction at the Grammy Awards, the autopsy, the star-studded funeral, and the follow-on media buzz drama which will undoubtedly be generated by Houston's co-dependent enabler ex Bobby Brown and their soon-to-be newsworthy daughter.  But I digress. While you're reading, check out today's tune.