Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Place to Vent

I need a place to vent. Perhaps not every day; but every now and then.  My head is constantly filled with crap and believe it or not, a few people actually find some of it interesting. As I was writing entries into my Alaskapade! 2011 blog, I found it almost therapeutic to dump my thoughts out there without concern for whether or not anyone actually read them.  Apparently, plenty of people did.  Some of the topics I wrote about were controversial and generated private comments chastising me for having the nerve to think such things, much less articulate them for the world to read.  Like them or not, my comments and opinions were always honest, sometimes timely, and never sugar coated.

This site will be a continuation of what I started in October, 2010 and will most likely contain random thoughts, opinions, and anecdotal stories of the mixed up crap that makes up my life.  Read on if you like, but understand that while I feel everyone is entitled to my opinion, I reserve the right to completely ignore yours about the things I write here.