Wednesday, April 22, 2020

A Texan in Tibet - The New Schedule

I was just days from my departure when I wrote this.  Now I am 144 days out.  Do the math and you will see I am now scheduled to depart DFW the evening of September 12 and arrive in Kathmandu at 2:00am on September 14th.  My return is scheduled for October 1st.  The eleven hour time difference puts me home on the same day as I depart.

There is some good news.  Both of my flights are still on Qatar Airways in business class seats, but now they are direct flights in and out of DFW Airport.  This eliminates almost 24 hours of connection time that I had in my original itinerary.  Truth be told, I would gladly endure those 24 hours - even in coach class - just to be taking this trip when it was scheduled.  But these are cards I've been dealt and I'm just happy to be back in the whatever extent that I actually am.  Now I have another 144 days to hope the world gets its shit together.