Friday, March 25, 2016

The Trump Card

I’m not a Trump fan.  I admire his business savvy and certainly can’t deny his success as a capitalist, but I never got behind his candidacy for President.  That said, I’m reluctantly coming to grips with the possibility that Trump will be Democrat party’s opposition candidate.  I suppose it’s similar to the process one follows when dealing with personal tragedy moving from shock to disbelief, grief, anger, and eventually acceptance.  This might be an easier pill to swallow if I actually had a candidate to support.

I’m sick of hearing establishment Republican mouthpieces crying that Trump on their ticket will bring upon the doom of their political party.  Republicans don’t get the fact that responsible, thinking people who see through Hillary and Bernie’s empty promises don’t care about the survival of the republican party.  They have no more loyalty to the Republican party any more than the party has had for them.  They don’t want a liberal and the Republicans have demonstrated that they have no backbone by abdicating their control and further enabling an out-of-control President to continue to shred the Constitution.

Another popular whine about Trump is his lack of detail on just how he plans to deliver on his promises.  Honestly, it’s not a lack of detail.  It’s no detail whatsoever; just words.  But with that fact in mind, consider the current crop of establishment Republicans; Boehner, McCain, McConnell, Graham just to name a few.  They’ve had control of both houses of Congress for over two years and haven’t accomplished a damn thing.  That fact doesn’t justify the public’s seemingly disregard for Trump’s inability to provide detail any more than it excuses Trump for not really knowing himself.  The establishment on both sides of the political aisle have made detailed promises for decades and haven’t kept them.  I don’t believe the current establishment republicans ever had any intention to keep Obama in check, much less to keep their promises.  Given this rationale, I give trump a pass on not disclosing details on how he intends to accomplish his promises; even if he himself doesn’t know how. I believe he believes he can and more importantly, I believe he truly intends to.  That’s more than we can say for the establishment Republicans and certainly of Hillary.

Despite what many in the mainstream media might want us to believe, Trump is not stupid.  He’s unfiltered and at times tempestuous, but he has a strong business acumen and maybe what this country needs to right it.  Obama’s plan to stuff the government with Presidential appointees from academia with no practical experience certainly wasn’t the answer.  Good managers employ good people to guide their decisions.  No president is expected to know everything and make decisions alone.  An executive with decades of experience running multiple global enterprises is far better equipped to run the country than a community organizer whose community is fraught with violence and poverty.  I kind of like the idea of a President who had actually signed the front of a paycheck.
Trump opponents often cite his failed businesses.  These same people fail to acknowledge the incalculable amount of taxpayer dollars lost in various failed government programs.  At least Trump lost his own money and not mine.

So now that the race is down to two candidates and Trump appears to fully capable of defeating Cruz, rumors abound that the Republican establishment plans to try to railroad Trump’s campaign and anoint their own selection.  I believe that is they truly want to see the country abandon the Republican party, this action will accomplish just that and it will be they themselves who bring upon the demise of their party.

Personally, I’m quietly hoping for two things:  1) that the Justice Department will do its job and indict Hillary for the crimes that anyone with half a brain (so my liberal friends won’t feel left out) knows she is guilty of; and 2) that the opposition candidate to the Democrat party has not yet entered the race.  I would just love to have someone to vote FOR instead of against.