Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Where The Hell are the Outback & Forth Pages?

I'm about six months out from my departure and the planning and logistics as well as my conditioning are coming along nicely.  I've decided that this trip deserves its own blog so from this point on, all Outback & Forth related posts will appear at  (get it?)  The Daily Shrug will go back to its intended purpose of enlightening the world with my opinions and pissing off much of it as a result.

The internet has come a long way since my last adventure-blogging endeavor in 2011 and I have some new tech toys that will make this adventure more interactive than the Alaskapade.  I'll do my best to stick with my posting schedule of trip details on Wednesdays and useless trivial crap on Saturdays.  Bear in mind that while there is plenty of useless trivial crap to share, many of the trip details are nailed down and there's not much new to share.  I'll be testing a tracking device and some cameras and hope to share my progress here before my departure.